privacy and policy

At Sai Cab Services we put best efforts in securing your personal information and informing you about how we use it. This privacy policy applies to activities and data gathered through the use of this application. Please review this privacy policy periodically as we may revise it without notice.


In order to operate the App and to provide you with information about products or services that may be of interest to you, we may use the “personal information” i.e. information that could be used to contact you directly (without using the Sai Cab Services App or its any Platform) such as full name, postal address, phone number, or email address) or “demographic information” (i.e. information that you submit, or that we collect, that is not personal information; this may include, but is not limited to, pin code, username, age/birth date, browsing history information, searching history information, and registration history information.


We use your email address, phone number and your other personal information to help us efficiently operate the Sai Cab Services App, to contact you in connection with your transactions and other activities on the Application Platform (including, but not limited to, confirmation emails. These types of communications are known as “Operational Communications.” In some cases, Operational Communications may also contain commercial messages, such as banner ads and special offers.

To operate the Sai Cab Services Platform, including processing your transactions and supporting your activities on the Sai Cab Services Platform, we may share your personal information with our agents, representatives, contractors and service providers so they can provide us with support services such as email origination, receipt or support services, customer relationship management services, and order fulfillment. We require these entities not to use your information for any other purpose.


We may review all demographic data. We may use demographic information to tailor the Sai Cab Services Platform and communications to your interests. We may also share demographic information with advertisers on an anonymous and aggregated basis (i.e., without telling the advertisers your identity). One of the reasons we may do this is to increase the likelihood that our advertisers' goods and services will appeal to you as a user of the Sai Cab Services Platform. Our sharing of demographic information with advertisers is anonymous (i.e., we do not tell advertisers which particular Sai Cab Services Users are members of which demographic groups), subject to the rest of this privacy policy. When you respond to an advertisement, however, we ask you to remember that if that ad that is targeted to a demographic group and you decide to give the advertiser your personal information, then the advertiser may be able to identify you as being a member of that demographic group.


To edit your information please use application's interface.


To preserve the integrity of our databases, standard procedure calls for us to retain information submitted by members for an indefinite length of time. Sai Cab Services understands your submissions as consent to store all your information in one place for this indefinite length of time, if we so wish.